Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.

The Truth Hurts

I heard this video on Youtube, Tell me what you think.  A personal trainer talks about what “eating good” really isn’t. It kind of brings “eating good” into perspective. I think you should never lie to yourself about your eating habits. Once you tell yourself that you are eating well when you know you are not, you may fall into a viscous cycle of unhealthy eating habits.

I am pretty pasty white – I’ll admit it – and I haven’t gotten much sun this summer because I work during the days and really only get out at night. Instead of going to a tanning salon and risking damaging my skin, I decided to do it in a relatively harmless way. Sunless tanning products are numerous in price as well as quality, and I found one product that seemed promising – Loreal Self tanning pads from walgreens.

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning, Towelettes, Medium - 6 ea

Thank GOD I didn’t try putting this stuff on my face! I just tried it on my legs. Surprisingly, the color was perfect, but the application wasn’t. Here are some things I learned about self tanners:

1) They do NOT take 5 minutes to put on

The first mistake I made was to use these pads when I was in a time crunch. I wish these pads gave a slight color at first so you would know which spots need to be retouched. I applied these pads on both legs within 5 minutes. BAD IDEA! Lets just say I missed a lot of spots on my legs. Take about 15 minutes to fully apply these sheets evenly on your legs so you do not get streaks.

2) you NEED to wait more than 5 minutes to put your clothes on

I applied the sheets, waited 5 minutes until the wetness went away, then I put my shorts on. BAD IDEA! Putting on clothes too early created even more streaks on my legs. The problem with these self tanners is that you do not realize how bad of a job you did until 1-3 hours after you applied the tanner. I thought it was an instant tan…but it definitely didn’t appear until I was half way done with work. I would say wait 15-20 minutes before putting any clothes or touching anything against your skin after the application

3) Wash your hands after

I thought that I didn’t need to wash my hands after applying because that would mess up the self tanner on the back side of my hands. BAD IDEA (AGAIN? HOW MANY BAD IDEAS CAN THERE BE??) My fingertips looked like I ate a bag of cheetos and didn’t wash my hands. Oh it was embarrassing. Wash your hands after application please!
So after those 3 main mistakes, I had to live with the mistakes I made. Thank god this stuff wares fades after 24 hours! Something that helped me was hydrogen peroxide. I rubbed that on heavily streaked areas and it helped the tan fade a little faster.
Self tanning takes about an hour to do correctly, so make sure you have lots of time before you have to go anywhere! I hope someone can learn from my mistakes. I don’t think I am going to self tan for a while, but at least I tried it.

I love the summer for many reasons – but one of my main reasons is that I don’t have to run on a treadmill in the summer. For some reason, treadmills make running not only seem like a chore, but a painful chore that makes me feel like I got nowhere when I am done. When it is warm outside, you will not catch me in a gym – you will find me working out outside –  and has some of the best workouts for the outdoors.

This website is jam-packed with tons of workouts that are made for specific parks in Wisconsin. Now, I don’t actually go the specific parks they workout in because I can do almost any of their workouts by the park by my house and the best part is that these workouts are made for all fitness types. Whether you are just trying to lose some pounds, or you are a seasoned fitness guru, you will enjoy these workouts that are both challenging and fun!

From what I gather, I believe that they will soon have a membership only section on their  website that will include a full 60 day bootcamp style workout routine, and I am so pumped to sign up for that!
I think what I enjoy most about this site is the fresh, new outlook they have on fitness. I think the owner of this site is really trying to tell everyone that exercise routines can be created, and performed anywhere. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or an $3000 at home gym. All you need is your body, and some space to run and jump around in. There are no more excuses for why you can’t exercise. Everyone has a backyard – you can do it there!

Visit the site and tell me what you think of these exercises!

I recently started working out where I live in Wisconsin, and now I know why people from Wisconsin call people from Illinois “flat-landers.”

Lately, I have been running 6 miles 3 times a week-well at least attempting to. Like I said, I’m a flatlander, and these hills in Wisconsin are rediculous!


This picture was taken from the top of one of the steeper hills I ran u p. And that’s only the first mile. The first time I ran that, I was done but I didn’t want to turn around because I would have to go down and the hill again ( I run to work and get a ride back home after work).

When I was running cross country in Illinois, a conquering a hill half the size of these were considered a triumphant feat. It’s going to take me a long time to get used to these, but hopefully this will help me build strength and endurance. I don’t know much about how to run uphill or how to run down hill and prevent knee injury, so if anyone knows any techniques for running up hills, I am all ears!

This post was actually written a couple weeks back when I started running those hills. After 3 weeks of running long distance, I decided maybe it would be more beneficial to my health (and my joints) if I run faster for shorter distances, and only do the 6 miles once a week.

Sussex is such a quiet town with so many nice people. People who run by/past me always greet me with a smile and that makes my run so much more enjoyable :)

I recently read this article on the Birchbox blog about what is now called tube dieting. This type of diet is becoming popular among brides-to-be and it is one of the most terrifying diets I have heard of. Basically, the person will be fed through a tube – but not just through a tube, but through a tube that is inserted into their nose! How gross!But since this procedure is monitored by a doctor it’s ok, right?

I don’t know about you, but I  think this procedure is a waste of money for a couple reasons.

1) Up the nose? Are you serious? First of all, what this diet does is basically feed you 800 calories a day with no carbohydrates. You could easily do that by putting food in your mouth that is only 800 calories per day if you were that desperate, and not pay $1,500 to have food shoved down your nose. Why the nose? Typically people who are fed through the nose are cancer patients who can’t swallow!

2) The diet is completely devoid of carbohydrates. Why is that bad? Well, without ingesting any carbs, the body will eventually run out of glycogen stores which causes a state called Ketosis, and I am assuming that doctors are around to prevent ketoacidosis from occuring. This basically means that your body no longer can use glycogen as a source of energy, so it starts breaking down fat. This is a good thing, right? Well, not exactly. A byproduct of fat breakdown is ketone bodies.  Ketone bodies are very acidic and can cause complications such as dizziness, weakness, constipation and irritability if this diet is continued for too long. If this diet with absolutely no carbs continues, the person may experience ketoacidosis, which means that their body is no longer able to compensate for the elevated acidity in the bloodstream. Typically, this condition is seen in diabetics who do not watch their diet close enough, but can become life-threatening if not treated. So basically this type of diet can only last a couple days without some serious consequences.

3) Because this diet can only last a couple of days (10 days in the hospital), it can only be used for rapid weight loss, and I’m sure we all know by now that any quick weight loss will result in quick weight gain once the diet is over. Our bodies are incredible at adapting to situations, and if you starve yourself of carbohydrates for 10 days, then eat carbs any time after that, your body will store those carbs as quickly as possible to prevent itself from going back into ketosis.

Moderation is always key. The human body is not stupid and will compensate/adapt to any type of situation it is put through. A crash diet such as this one will work for about a week, then the results will disappear. I would argue this diet will put you in more harm than good. What do you think?

I work as a website/graphic designer, and in many cases, when I get one job, I don’t just get one job. I get about 4 to 5 at once, so I have some serious time crunch issues. It is common for many clients to want something done within a matter of days, so in most cases, I need to come up with something quick. Here are my top 5 go-to websites for inspiration and graphics. I just discovered them a couple months ago, and I can’t believe how much time I am saving now!

1) Design Flavr

I use this site purely for inspiration. It is a compilation of websites, photo manipulation, graphic design, ad ideas and more! These designs range from modern to rustic, creative to corporate so they are perfect inspirations for any job I have.

2) Vector Tuts

I love to use this site when I am just playing around with adobe Illustrator. These tutorials range from simple vectors to beautiful life-like illustrations and the tutorials are categorized by genre such as website design, branding, text effects and more! Its always a good idea to learn more while between jobs, and this site has really helped me move forward!

3) Code Canyon

Where would I be without codecanyon?! When I need to develop a site quickly, I turn to them for any javascript, php, or plugins that will help me get the job done efficiently. These scripts are extremely well written, and I am 100% satisfied with everything I have purchased from them.

4) Theme Forest

Both themeforest and codecanyon are both developed by envato marketplace, and I have to say envato hasn’t let me down! Although themeforest is a website that allows people to purchase website and wordpress templates for amazing prices, I found this site most useful as an inspirational tool. The templates offered on themeforest are simply amazing! I personally enjoy the wordpress templates that are offered because of their unique design and beautiful graphics.

5) Adobe Exchange

Adobe exchange is full of free and paid plugins for adobe software such as dreamweaver, photoshop and illustrator. I specifically use the dreamweaver exchange for items ranging from menu css styles to slideshow generators. This place has hundreds of useful plugins and extensions to help speed up the development process.

I’m sure as I keep on designing I will continue to find more useful websites, so I will keep you updated :)

I just finished reading “A Dog’s Tale” by Mark Twain. Although I felt this story was a little bit out of character for Mark Twain, I still enjoyed it. The beginning starts out with a puppy explaining his mother’s way of living. She would hear large words from her owners and their friends at parties and family gatherings, and then she would say them in front of her friends to impress them and also make them envious of her “education”. She would not actually know the definition of these words, but she would make up the definitions, and typically the definitions would have impressive words as well such as “”It’s synonymous with supererogation.” Although this is just a story, I feel that the beginning of the story was directed at someone Mark Twain knew. Why? Because there are a lot of people that act like that dog.

I’m sure you know people who use large words to show how smart they are, or to intimidate people, and god help you if you don’t know what that word means! And worse, god help you if you ask them what it means. “Wow. You don’t know what that means?” They will ask with an arrogant grin. “Well, it means….(fill in the blank with some definition that may not even be true…who cares anyway. If you get the gist of what they are saying, one big word isn’t going to change the whole story).”

My favorite is when reading research papers. I can’t tell if the writers actually have that type of vocabulary, or if they are purposely making their papers incomprehensible to anyone who does not have a dictionary in hand to reference every other word.

The point of communication is to have the other party understand what is being said, and by talking down to people in this way, these people are neither understood nor thought highly of after the conversation.


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